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fired up facebook tonight. and you'll notice more police in one belle air neighborhood after a 14-year-old sees someone sitting in a sedan, runs home knowing she knows enough to call the cops. students have been collecting stamps. 6million stamps. this is what you call a teachable moment as you will soon find out. tonight we want to start in westminster. a mother so upset about the way her son is being treated on the school bus, she has taken her anger to the internet. abc2 news, jeff hager tells us the petition is called, get the bully off the bus. >> in a ride to school aboard the bus, 7-year-old wes claims an older kid grabbed his jacket from behind, choking him to the point where he couldn't breathe. his mother says he drew this picture to illustrate what happened. >> he said he is holding his hand on his heart and he is unzipping his jacket and it says up at the top, all the
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pain, it hurts so bad. and i mean, this breaks my heart. and the other person, the person that hurt him is laughing. >> wes is in the second grade, the other kid is in the fourth grade. it's the same kid that bit him on the bus a couple months ago. coleen didn't learn until wes came home from school that evening with a note from the school nurse describing the choking and evidence of red marks about his neck. >> they decided to put him on the bus and send him back home with this other child on the bus and their solution was to put him just a few rows up in the front. across the aisle from my six- year-old kindergartener. >> she asked them to get him some counseling, but opted to reassign her children to a different bus instead, leaving the alleged bully to prey upon
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children. >> other parents are not happy because when i tell them what they've done to resolve the situation, they said well that doesn't help me. that doesn't help my kids. they are still on the bus with that child. >> wes's parents launched a petition to get the kid off the bus. they have also filed a report with police. want to press charges over the alleged attack. in carol county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> to our producer in the booth, rachel, listen up and find out how many sign up on facebook here. now coleen is preaching nonviolence, but she enrolled wes in a class so he can learn how to protect himself and again, the school is not commenting on this situation right now. this is our hot topic. do you agree with the way the school handled the situation? should something more happen to the boy acould you acould you describe of accused of choking
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the seven-year-old. let's go off to bell air. right around the corner from a fire. a 14-year-old notices a parked sedan with a man inside and what she saw next is why police are all over this area now. abc2's roosevelt leftwich has the story. >> sheriff deputies say the man was touching himself in public with this child walking by. this is the second incident in the area. it happened at the corner of foxborough in bell air. a teenage girl told her father as she was going to a friend's house, she saw the man touching himself in the car. she told her father who called the police. the news is troubling after a suspicious fire killed a woman in the neighborhood a few weeks ago. folks say this is a good walking neighborhood and it's very disturbing to hear this. authorities there are stepping things up in this particular neighborhood. >> we are doing some patrol efforts in the area as a result
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of this situation. mainly because the area suffered through a situation a couple weeks ago that put them on unease. they were not feeling easy in their neighborhood. >> the deputies say the victim didn't get much of a description. he was a white man in his 50s in a small silver or gray colored car. the stepped up patrols in the area have already begun. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. we note man of police who choked his own mother until she was unconscious and set her home on fire. gordon robert jenkins is charged tonight with attempted murder and first-degree arson. we first brought you the story yesterday. jenkins went into his mom's home until she passed out. when the mother woke up, her room and clothes were on fire. she is now in critical, but stable condition at hopkins and the judge denied bail for jenkins. several of the security officers who work for anne
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arundel county have a probe. he is now negotiating a deal. we don't have details of what the probe involves, however, the office investigating him looks at the state election law violations, as well as misconduct in office by public officials. this week, that members of his security detail helped him during his campaign as he was recovering from back surgery. >> spring technically does not begin until sunday evening, but outside today, you think it already has arrived on st. patrick's day. mid and upper 60s in spots. 66 now downtown. we have 61 in dc. look west. 67 now out in winchester. 70 down in culpeper, virginia. how about the rest of the st. patrick's day evening? we hope it's a lucky one for you, so to speak. we are talking about temperatures in the 60s. a few clouds passing by.
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nice mild weather and an early look at your friday, even warmer. we are pushing into the mid 7 0áz, but you want to enjoy the warmth while we have it. let's go to japan right now. the first plane full heading back home. the state department says the flight left tokyo with fewer than 100 people on board. that's a small fraction of the americans who are in japan tonight. many are trying to come back home. kelly swoope joins us with more. >> some of those folks are from right here in maryland. early this week, we told you about kris. she has been working in the town, which is 60 miles from that out of control nuclear plant. his mom tells us he has made it to tokyo to the airport there and they are working on plans to get him the rest of the way home. he's a teacher in japan. another woman is danielle jacobs. she was expected to start her long journey home last night and if everything goes as
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planned, she'll land here in baltimore on saturday morning. it has been a long week and it is not over yet. while they wait, president barack obama is taking action right here at home. he is calling for a comprehensive safety review of the 104 nuclear reactors here in the u.s. the president wants to make sure they can withstand earthquakes and other disasters. jamie, back to you. >> have you ever stopped and stared at any street corner in baltimore? notice everybody has a cell phone glued to their ear? how much money is verison and at&t making? second thought, which might be your thought sabt your health. abc2 news, what do you hear? >> jamie, as you know, these dais somebody is texting or talking. i know i'm guilty of it. we are addicted to our cell phones, but is it an unhealthy relationship? this is now more murky. we'll give you the details, which measured their brain
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activity while they were on a call. basically researchers found there was some activity on their brains when these testers were on a call. the only problem is, their study opens up new questions about whether that activity is good or bad. >> it wasn't abnormal activity. it was normal metabolic activity. clearly related to the cell phone signal. that really is very important information because it shows that there is an affect. >> sot big question now, should you keep holding the line on your cell phone or dial out completely isn't the chief of neurosurgery, the guy who you just saw weighs in on that study and tells you whether you should toss your phone because of that research. it is the perfect storm, st. patrick's day, and the start to the ncaa tournament. they will be eating corned beef
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and cabbage about now. it's a nice seat. and they will be going strong throughout the rest of the night. we're in canton right now, where the square is shut down from now until saturday. >> awesome day. couldn't ask for a better day. beautiful day, comes down to canton square and hang out and enjoy the st. patrick's celebration. >> we will. cops are going to be out there, so make sure you call a cab and you can even get a free ride. aaa is teaming up with yellow cab to offer free rides up to $50 value and the number to call for your free ride service is 877-963-taxi. that's 877-963-8294. some streets are closed off in canton. o'donnell square will be blocked off to traffic through 7:00 on saturday morning. and it will be closed in both directions from lynnwood to patomac. several parking lots will also be restricted. have a game plan.
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we have a school project we want to show you tonight. it began with the reading assignment and then it turned into a collection assignment and wait until you hear how many stamps they have collected. and on this st. patrick's day, we are talking soft drinks because we have a chain in the ranks. find out what your second favorite drink is now, wyatt. >> all right, jamie. 65 degrees on this st. patrick's day. 11 degrees above average. 65 was your two degree guarantee. we talk about getting us your name online, you can send us a postcard a green postcard today. how tykely is that? sandra, you are our 2-degree winner. we'll be back with your weekend forecast.
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teaching students about dark times in our history can be tough. you want them to understand what happened and that could be difficult when they are just reading facts out of a book. but one howard county teacher has found a way to give her students a better understanding of the holocaust and how many people were killed. the students are using stamps. as don harrison explains, they are not just mailing it in. >> about four or five people who they like -- >> books give you knowledge, but cindy says she wants her high school english class to gain perspective. her class read the book, night, which tells the story of a father and son in a nazi concentration camp. learning that 6 million people were killed in concentration camps is one thing. seeing the magnitude of that number is another. >> number that is easy to say, but it's a very difficult number to imagine.
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>> so they came up with the idea to collect 6 million stamps. they now have more than 347,000. teachers say the students have really dedicated themselves to finishing what they started. >> there are students who graduated who come back and collect stamps and they have tried to start facebook things about the project and who are really dedicated. >> the students say the lesson is about so much more than just stamps. >> i collected over 23,000 stamps by telling my family members and a church in pennsylvania and they kind of -- the church took it on as their own project. >> in this lesson, stamps are just the vehicle the teacher is using to explain something so valuable. >> it really changed my output on everything. i don't look at their race. we are all human. >> with many of the events going on in the world today, they see that there is the potential for that to happen
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again. and so they see that it is worth the effort to bring awareness to the need for tolerance among all people. > it will take 56 years to collect the 6 million stamps. with a little motivation, they can do it quicker than that. i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> if you would like to collect, call 410-313-2880 or go to the school's website. well, the battle between coke and pepsi appears to be over for now. now the fight is between pepsi and diet coke. a study by beverage digest shows diet coke has topped pepsi to become the most popular soda in the land. they sold more diet coke than
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pepsi. overall sales have fanal off in the last couple of years, but as it shows, it is impacting pepsi more than coke. >> what are your lucky numbers? you have a chance to try to win them this week in the megamillions lottery. the jackpot is up to $201 million. so if someone from maryland wins, it would be the biggest jackpot winner in our history. the cash out value of $201 million is more than $128 million. still a big chunk of change. if no one wins, the jackpot is expected to go up to $230 million. the drawing will be tomorrow night. so good luck. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> oh, just a gorgeous day across charm city and out across maryland right now. look at that light being reflected on the water in the inner harbor. if you listen closely, you can almost hear the bag pipes
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downtown. 64 degrees right now. winds west, southwest at 10. barometer holding steady right now. good weather holding up. i'm telling you, just a great looking day. answer, lookannapolis, look at the gorgeous weather. people out and about having a great time. great day to hit the golf course, get out on the links and work on that golf game. we will see better weather tomorrow, it will be breezier. and one last check in at laurel and hey, a lot of kids out and about at laurel high school, getting some practice in on the field. maryland powerful radar, all clear now, expecting that to remain the case through probably early saturday morning when we could see a brief round of showers as temperatures begin to cool off. they won't cool off tonight or tomorrow. light breeze out of the south and west. highs today, fantastic. just great. 65 in baltimore. that's about 10 degrees above our normal average high on st. patrick's day. we have been as warm as 85
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degrees in the 1940s, but we average mid 50s. mid 60s is a treat today. tomorrow, warmer than that. 74. 77 at the inner harbor and i think as we get further south, these high temperatures keep in mind, probably toward the early afternoon, cooler air kind of begins to make its way into the state late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. so early day high temperatures will be in the mid 70s. we'll see passing cloud cover this evening. don't think these will spark any showers and out to the extreme distance north and west, up towards chicago, southern tip of lake michigan, a few showers breaking out. of course chicago a big st. patrick's day town is having fantastic weather. warm weather continues to slide in and out of the west. this is not a canadian high. a warmer source for this air slid up out of the golf coast, so that's why it will allow things to warm up more tomorrow. looking for widespread mid 7
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0áz and points south and west, likely to get close to 80 degrees late in the day tomorrow. our future cast brings in a few clouds by late in the day. we won't see any rain out of this until we get into the second round that comes in. a little area of energy could trigger some showers toward early saturday morning. but it's very short lived and minimal. we are dry by midday saturday and we think we stay dry into sunday. tonight, down to 44. not too cool for mid march standards and 76 tomorrow. 2-degree guarantee for you. partly cloudy, breezy and warm. and tomorrow night, we begin to cool off and a shower will be possible by daybreak saturday. so very late tomorrow night into early saturday. spring beginning officially on sunday. the coolest day of the outlook, just about is on sunday. then next week, we bounce into the mid 60s. and by the way, your game day forecast, close to 70 degrees tomorrow evening as we get the game underway. jamie, that's going to be a
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good one. umbc, the terps in action. >> not because of the game, but because of this. here we go. wyatt, look at this. it's called yowza. it collects all the coupons within a 50-mile radius. all you have to do, let's click and you have four stores within a 50-mile radius. save 10% on every day. there's your coupon and all you have to do is hit the star up there and the coupon goes right into my coupons down here. when you are traveling around, you hit my coupons and there you go, 10% off. isn't that great? right in here. kelly, if you have a great app, let us know about it on abc2 back to you. here's a look at what is coming up tonight at abc2 news at 10:00. a local spelling sensation is headed to the nation's capital once again and how did you like
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your barber to take a little off the top and teach you how to fire a rifle? one barber shop is combining that. also going to update that all important bracket challenge. join us for abc2 news tonight at 11:00. >> don't bring it up. it's already over. it's already blown up. let's find out how our drive home is going tonight. having a couple problems. let's see if it cleared up. it's going to be tied up for a little bit, so be careful out there. pñ ów@úso
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has this been a great day or what? sunshine, 60s, we like that, and take a look at the current temperatures still in the mid 60s out there. there's some 50s toward annapolis. that's still pleasant. our average high is only in the 50s. 75 tomorrow, we get breezy and things will begin to cool off tomorrow night. so i mean, look. golf course, tennis court, just get out and enjoy it. >> all right, happy st. patrick's day. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. world news is next here on abc2. have a great night.
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>> have a good night.
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